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Effective listening invites all parties to the dialogue to: 

1.    Create safe, sacred, and say spaces where others can feel valued (seen, heard, listened to, and understood) and validated

       (seen, heard, listened to, and understood from their perspective).

2.    Withhold any and all prejudgments about speakers and listeners.

3.    Be swift to listen and slow to speak.

4.    Seek first to understand, then to be understood. 

5.    Listen to understand, not just to reply. 

6.    Focus, hear, listen, understand, and respond from the other person’s perspective. 

7.    Acknowledge before asserting.

8.    Receive and give constructive feedback with grace, goodwill, and good wishes.

9.    Thank freely and continuously the speakers and listeners in their lives. 

10.  Commit to the lifelong practice and deep inner self-work of. . .




       . . .to grow and develop as listeners.


These 10 commitments are condensable to one word: L-I-S-T-E-N

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